Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Emily and Diana for this award! I haven't had my blog for very long, so this is truly an honor to receive this award! You girls are too sweet!!! Both of these ladies are absolutely wonderful crafters and I love their work! Check them out here and here :)

Upon receiving this award I need to pay it forward to 8 others and they are:

1. Cards by Jovan:
2. Dreenie's Creative Corner:
3. Create a Little:
4. Momma K Crafts:
5. Paper Maine-iac!!:
6. My Cricut Crafts:
7. SLO Farmgirl:
8. Sweet Pieces by Me:

All of these ladies rock and definitely deserve this award!!! Check out their work :)

I also need to tell you 8 things about myself:
1. I'm constantly working on losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising. It is an everyday battle.
2. I've lost about 40 lbs. over the last few years. I still have about 40-50 more that I'd love to lose.
3. I love rap music.
4. I love country music.
5. I hate cleaning my house. I pay someone $40 every other week to come do the things that I loathe...dusting, vacuuming, etc.
6. I do not have children and probably never will. I love kids though :)
7. I love kayaking and fishing down on the coast.
8. I was extremely scared of flying, but did it for the first time this last summer (with the help of Xanax). I flew to London, France, and Italy. What a way to overcome my fear!!!


Charlene said...

Thanks Brandi!! You're so sweet! :) I like your number 5 and good for you on #2!! GO GIRL! :)

Maquel said...

Thanks, Brandi! You made my day!!! :)

HeatherM said...

Thank you Brandi!

dreenie said...

Thanks Brandi !!! I just seen this today!!! i am so behind!!! this sure did make my weekend!!!!

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